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Q.P. of BOSA S.A.

Our company BOSA S.A., with abbreviated activity as “Aircraft Integrated Systems and Ground Support Equipment Manufacturer”, is a private manufacturing company situated in Greece which operates under the relevant corporate laws that produces and exports support equipment and spare parts for Military aircraft/helicopters to different customers located around the world. The company views quality as the supply of high-specification product and efficient service in terms of reliability, performance to customer as well as regulatory requirements, delivery, cost and financial control.

The ability of BOSA S.A. is to continue to provide an extremely high standard of service for all our customers, ensuring timely deliveries, competitive pricing and a consistently high quality of service will be assured in establishing, meeting and maintaining the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standard.

In so doing it is our Policy to work through the processes of the Quality System and through appropriate and measured quality objectives, to identify and analyze the Possibility and impact of raised risks that can affect our final products quality and customer’s satisfaction, as long as identifying arising opportunities of improvement and expansion of our business.

The Managing Director of BOSA S.A. is ultimately responsible for the quality of all our services. It is also essential within the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 that when performing any individual tasks and daily responsibilities, all employees act in accordance with the requirements of this Quality System, ensuring we maintain our high standards and accountability and continually improve the company operations and services.

 Furthermore, organizations management conducts internal quality audits, reviewing the Q.M.S. for suitability, upgrading quality objectives, and finally awarding actions improving its effectiveness.



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